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Honoring Special Achievement in B2B Services and Solutions Marketing


Thank you for your interest in our awards program. Launched in 1998, Momentum ITSMA’s Marketing Excellence Awards focus exclusively on B2B marketing for services and solutions. It is based on a comprehensive and strategic approach to marketing, recognizing that business success today requires marketers to move beyond the traditional realm of communications. Intended to get beyond the gloss and glitz, Momentum ITSMA’s Marketing Excellence Awards emphasize excellence in the four most critical aspects of success: planning, innovation, execution, and business results.

Categories for the 2024 awards include:

  • Advancing Thought Leadership
  • Driving Partner Collaboration
  • Enabling Sales
  • Innovating through Client Programs
  • Scaling ABM Programs
  • Strengthening Executive Engagement
  • Utilizing Client Insights for Growth
  • Client Growth Program of the Year
  • Account-Based Marketer of the Year
  • GTM Leader of the Year



The Momentum ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards are open to all companies that offer solutions to technology, professional services and financial services organizations. Participation details are available in the Online Application and Submission Guidelines. Click here to access the application.


Award Types

We are introducing three superlative awards this year in addition to our traditional marketing excellence categories. Two winners will be selected in each traditional award category.

  • Diamond: Best in class for the industry
  • Gold: Standout results in marketing impact

New Superlative Categories:

  • Client Growth Program of the Year
  • ABM Marketer of the Year
  • GTM Leader of the Year

In addition to the two winners in each traditional category, Momentum ITSMA will award two winners from small and medium-sized businesses. These awards will go to the strongest submissions from two companies with less than $500 million in annual revenue, regardless of category.

In the unlikely event that entries in a particular category are not of the requisite quality, Momentum ITSMA reserves the right not to designate an award recipient.

Note to agencies: PR and marketing agencies are welcome to submit on behalf of clients if those clients meet the eligibility guidelines. However, awards will be given to the client directly, not the agency.


Award Selection

The awards program jury consists of members of Momentum ITSMA’s advisory boards, subject matter experts, and industry leaders. No judge will review submissions for which there is a potential conflict of interest. All jury decisions are final.


Application Process

Please use Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, or Safari as a browser for best results. IE may cause problems.

The application/submission process is online, making it easier than ever to access and submit from anywhere. Please click here to access the application.

Application Deadline Extended: June 142024

Entry Fee: $495 USD payable to Momentum ITSMA

Submissions: Companies may enter multiple submissions in one or more award categories. Each submission must include its own entry fee.

Non-Disclosure: Momentum ITSMA will keep all submission data and materials strictly confidential and will not disclose any information from the submissions without formal authorization from the applicant.

Awards Ceremony: Momentum ITSMA will announce winners at a special awards ceremony in September. Momentum ITSMA’s Rethink ABM event in October will include presentations from the leaders of select award-winning programs.

Contact Jennifer Munn at jennifer.munn@momentumitsma.com for additional information.


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Note for Members: The Award Entry login is different than your membership community login. If you are new to this system, click here to create a new profile.